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Class A


Class C


Class I


CUSIP Numbers:

Class A


Class C


Class I


Minimum Investment:

• $5,000 non-qualified accounts

• $2,000 retirement accounts

• $250 subsequent investments

• Class I minimum initial investment $1 million

Operating Expenses*Total Fund Expenses
Class A1.80%2.02%
Class C2.50%2.77%
Class I1.50%1.77%

*Plus acquired fund fees of 0.27%.

Fund Type:
Nontraditional Bond

Standard deviation is a statistical measurement of volatility based on historical returns.

Correlation measures how closely two securities' movements are associated, ranging from 1.0 (highly correlated) to -1.0 (inversely correlated).

Absolute Returns are generally positive returns in any market environment. There is no guarantee that any investment will achieve this objective.


Analytics & Distributions

Analytics - 30-day
SEC Yield1 
 Distribution Rate1
Class A 0.44%6.39%
Class C 0.31% 6.41%
Class I 0.66%6.96%

1SEC Yield and Distribution Rate calculations are based on most recent Ex-Date. Distribution Rate reflects the total distributions over the previous 12 months. SEC Yield and Distribution Rate may include income, dividends, return of capital, or other distributions that are not considered short-term or long-term capital gains. Return of capital is considered a return of the investment principal and is not derived from net profits. The most recent distribution information can be found by clicking here.

Dynamic Income Fund Distributions

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