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Ticker Symbols:

Class A


Class C


Class I


CUSIP Numbers:

Class A


Class C


Class I


Minimum Investment:

• $5,000 non-qualified accounts

• $2,000 retirement accounts

• $250 subsequent investments

• Class I minimum initial investment $1 million

Operating Expenses*Total Fund Expenses
Class A1.56%1.83%
Class C2.31%2.58%
Class I1.31%1.58%

*Plus acquired fund fees of 0.27%.



About Dorsey Wright

DWA is an independent and privately owned registered investment advisory firm whose business includes two areas: Professional management of equity portfolios for investors, and investment research services for numerous broker-dealers and large institutions around the world.

  • Investment research services was established in 1987.
  • Professional portfolio management services was established in 1994.

The cornerstone of their investment strategy is technical analysis. The two principals of the firm, Thomas J. Dorsey and Watson H. Wright, have more than 35 years of combined experience in the equity markets, particularly in the field of risk management for which they are known internationally.

To learn more, please visit the DWA website.

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