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Investment Strategy
The fund seeks to provide investment results that match the performance of a managed futures index benchmark.

Fund Highlights

  • An alternative to "long-only" commodity funds
  • Historically low correlation to traditional assets such as stocks and bonds
  • An alternative to illiquid managed futures or CTA funds

Fund Overview
Arrow Managed Futures Strategy Fund is a mutual fund that seeks to provide exposure to the global futures market by targeting the returns of the A.I. Managed Futures Volatility Index (AIMFV). With the ability to go long or short, the fund attempts to capture the economic benefit derived from sustained trends (either rising or declining) across multiple futures markets.

Benchmark Analysis
Index Exposure: The fund's benchmark consist of the A.I. Managed Futures Volatility Index (AIMFV). The A.I. Managed Futures Volatity Index (AIMFV) is a rules based index for measuring trends in the futures market.

The A.I. Managed Futures Volatility Index (AIMFV) is a long/short/flat diversified managed futures index. The AIMFV is a systematic and quantitative-based index of numerous components that serve as a proxy for exposures to economic sectors related to financial instruments, commodity markets and volatility futures. This exposure is complimented with innovative overlays that account for seasonality and efficiency at the individual component level. All of the AIMFV components (inlcuding energies) may be positioned as long, short or flat (neutral/cash). If a flat position is determined, the index allocates to cash at the component weighting percentage.

The fund seeks to replicate the exposure of the benchmark, as the index is unmanaged and is not available for direct investment. The Arrow Managed Futures Strategy Fund provides exposure to the following:

Commodities Financials Other
Energy Industrial Metals Precious Metals Livestock Grains Softs Infrastructure Currencies Interest Rates Volatility
Heating Oil

Crude Oil


Natural Gas
Copper Gold


Live Cattle Corn





Lumber Australian Dollar

Canadian Dollar


Japanese Yen
U.S. 2-Year Note

U.S. 10-Year Note
S&P 500 Volatility Index (VIX)