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Investment Advisor: Arrow Funds' Alternative Plan

An interview with Joe Barrato, CEO of Arrow Funds, explaining the philosophy and history of the company. In the interview, he explains Arrow Fund's passion for investor educating regarding the use of tactical and alternative investments.

TWST: Investing Strategies Report on Absolute Return Strategies

Bill Flaig discusses the benefits of hedge fund strategies within a mutual fund structure, the need for investors to have exposure to absolute return strategies, the Arrow Alternative Solution Fund's targeted risk objective and the backtest of the strategy.

TWST: Investing Strategies Report on Tactical Asset Allocation

Joseph Barrato discusses the periodic challenges of managing equity and bond portfolios in different market environments, the need for investors to have exposure to tactical asset allocation strategies, and the Arrow DWA Balanced Fund's technically based investment discipline and the backtest of the strategy.

TWST: Long-Term Investing in Managed Futures

An interview with Joseph Barrato where he discusses the attributes of managed futures and the general investment philosophy of Arrow Funds.

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