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Investment Strategy
The fund pursues its investment objective by implementing a managed futures and fixed income strategy. The fund seeks to provide exposure to a wide range of global futures markets through the DUNN Capital World Monetary & Agricultural (WMA) Program.

Fund Highlights

  • Access to DUNN Capital, an industry leading CTA with more than 40 years of history
  • An alternative to "long-only" commodity funds
  • Historically low correlation to traditional assets, such as stocks and bonds
  • An alternative to illiquid private managed futures or CTA funds

Arrow Managed Futures Strategy Fund is a mutual fund that provides exposure to the global futures market through exposure through the World Monetary & Agriculture (WMA) Program, a systematic trading program by DUNN Capital Management, LLC. Managed Futures strategies may appeal to investors seeking portfolio diversification, exposure to non-traditional assets, such as commodities and currencies, and access to directional trading strategies. Managed futures are known for their historically low correlation to traditional assets, which make them a potential portfolio diversification tool. With the ability to go long or short, the fund attempts to capture the economic benefit derived from sustained trends (either rising or declining) across multiple futures markets. Some of the key strategy characteristics of the fund are:

ProcessSystematic, rule-based
DiversificationExposure to more than 50 components
Source of ReturnsDirectional, trend following
Directional PositionsLong/Short/Flat
CorrelationLow historical correlation to stocks and bonds

There is no assurance that the fund will achieve its investment objectives.

About DUNN Capital Management, LLC
Founded in 1974, DUNN Capital Management, LLC is a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) with a long, rich history of experience and performance. DUNN uses a fully quantitative and systematic approach to extract profits from up or down markets in order to seek a return stream that exhibits very low correlation with other investments, such as stocks, bonds, real estate, or hedge fund assets.

DUNN’s flagship World Monetary & Agriculture (WMA) Program has a track record that spans over 30 years, which serves at the core of the mutual fund’s investment strategy.The DUNN WMA program primarily follows a systematic, trend following strategy encompassing a portfolio of more than 50 components across financial and commodity futures.

CommoditiesCurrenciesDebt FuturesEquity Futures

Brent Crude






Crude Oil

Gas Oil


Heating Oil

Lean Hogs

Live Cattle

Natural Gas


Soybean Meal

Soybean Oil



Unleaded Gas

Wheat (CBOT)

Wheat (KC)

Australian Dollar

British Pound

Canadian Dollar


Japanese Yen

Mexican Peso

Swiss Franc

Australian 3 Year

Australian 10 Year


Euro Dollars

German Bund

Liffe Euribor

Long Gilt


Short Sterling


U.S. 2 Year

U.S. 5 Year

U.S. 10 Year

U.S. Bonds


CAC 40

Dow Jones


FT-SE 100

German Dax

Hang Seng


Osaka Nikkei

S&P 500



The strategy may provide exposure to some or all of the above components, including others not listed.
Components are subject to change at the manager’s discretion.