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We are continually looking to identify new business opportunities for Arrow Investment Advisors, the investment advisor to the Arrow Funds. Opportunities that we are interested in exploring may include:

  • Mutual Fund Development
    Arrow Investment Advisor is dedicated to creating innovative investment products. We continuously identify new opportunities to deliver funds that provide powerful investment options to investors.

  • Exchange Traded Funds
    Arrow Investment Advisor has requested exemptive relief from the SEC in April 2007. We are interested in developing and distributing innovative solutions in an ETF structure.

  • Sub-Advisory Services
    Arrow Investment Advisors can provide active and passive quantitative investment management strategies for mutual funds, structured products and separately managed accounts. We welcome the opportunity to work with domestic and international partners looking to augment their current product lineup.

  • Insurance Products
    Arrow Variable Trust can be distributed through insurance products including Variable Annuities, Variable Life, COLI/BOLI, Qualified Pension Plans and other alternative structures.

  • Alternative Investments
    Arrow Investment Advisor can develop and distribute investments with alternative structures. A partnership could allow for rapid development into a specialized marketplace of private equity, hedge funds and fund of funds.

Joe Barrato, CEO

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